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Well, a week ago, I challenged myself.

 I was keen on achieving a long, past overdue commitment that, if not solved, would have left me choked, left me stranded and worst still, leave me unsatisfied.

When the day dawned, I quickly dotted myself in attire and was on my way. I was walking a path down to ACTING LANE, a rugged road that can wear and tear or deliver and lead towards resilience.

Sharply, by 11.30 am, I had arrived. With key focus on getting what I had come for, I took to my conscious strategy to view and visualize, take in and mold the view that I was seeing to the image that I relatively wanted to see.

Oh my!

It all made sense.

Change ought to come, trickling like drops of rain inviting a great flood and if I were to be within this flood, I had to globule to be part of a team.

After concluding their monthly bike concession, the team at Critical Mass loudly, albeit organized, enthusiastically made their way into the town park, through a bike-cade that I had seen only in Western countries. It was extremely breath-taking.

Lined up in rows, ordered up by natural laws and bound by common code, the team was in different color profiles, bike builds and figures, diverse but systemic, orderly and kept in their approach. At the very lead was children, closely followed and monitored by marshals, supported by established cyclists, with faces that told various backgrounds.

It was magnificent.

The view before my eyes was a realization that truly, with the right people, the dream, the realization of sustainability through cycling can be achieved, cemented and established, with only the right people, fitting amenities and candid, willing, support.

Socializing with the team and its members, only widened my scope. As a cycling enthusiast, I was more than happy to be there in their presence and as a business and human rights advocate, I was humbled to hear their stories.

What rang in my ears and what became vivid, was, I am not alone, I never have been and all that was needed of me was to firstly, look with a wider angle to see, show up and participate as advocacy, like the light of the sun, stars and many other luminescent, was not proprietorship. What I had once called my idea, was a testament of many people besides myself, is a vision of current and previous generations and it’s a mentifact owned by society.

Advocacy for sustainability was not a space that I could buy, rent or lease to own, neither was it an object of mass that I could collect and keep to amuse myself. Advocacy, like light, is an essence to perceive, a right to share by mirroring it to the world on behalf of its source to focus and call to action, the reality of situations, circumstances and wake of events.   

I always say, living and working post-COVID-19, calls for unusual practices as life, business and the socio-paradigm of life has churned and become, unusual. These days, it’s business and life unusual to go more than usual.

Through windows of interaction, my mind was being filled, my spirit, like fire on petrol, was burning with a new sense of hope. As the team disbanded, I noticed, nobody went home alone. Some had new attire, bought from merchants within the group, others had a new friend and a chance to a team they needed, others had a punctured tire while most if not all of us, gained experience, indelible and transformative.

Nobody left in the same way they banded. Something within them was added, complemented or removed.  

This realization thus has become my driving force.

Partnerships are integral to sustainable development and aligned events are the basic means to this accomplishment. Just as the Sustainable Development Goals are summed up by the 17th goal, the world we want to see can only be shaped and visualized by our concerted efforts, integrated team work and constructive contribution to a common cause, a common good that propels mankind to change, one cycle at a time.

To some it is always the question, ‘what is it in for me?’ but with a mentality of such, ‘what will be there for your kids?’

If we all decided to take and take, take and take some more only for us to keep and hide, bury and hoard, of what use is that?

It is high time that we go against archaic practices, lend and give sustainable support and do the good that is inherent of our nature with a focus not on ourselves but for the world, for the earth that will be of our children, their children and their children’s children.

Let’s have a wider view of the world, it is vast to equitably share, wide that we cannot fill and for a home that we have been given, it is only right that we responsibly manage, through mandate for this is our home, our planet, our little big blue earth.

Thus today, let partnerships be your driving force. Support another, it trickles down. Support the other and in it, you too will find balance.

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