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Protect The Environment, Like You Would to Your Home, Afterall, The Earth Is the Only Home You Have

Protect The Environment, Like You Would to Your Home, Afterall, The Earth Is the Only Home You Have

As the world recently marked and celebrated Earth Day, it is and was wonderful to see most have woken up. Major companies have lined themselves in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goals and as such, it has ceased to be news, of corporates, organizations and entities going pro-green. Car manufacturers are progressively ditching the internal combustibles, a move not many a petrol-head are gearing up for, farmers are taking heed towards the soil, water and plant conservations by deploying sustainable farming practices, and corporates are cutting on car costs by staffing employees with bicycles, to save on pollution and cost, and the city of Nairobi is having champions lobbying for pro-green means of transport and sustainable living! Heko to them that have seen the light of green and gave an ear to the shrills of mother nature, who was dying by our fists of exploitation. The late Wangari Maathai, seeing the tree planting activities that have rooted up in the country, would have been very proud. The late Nelson Mandela, seeing the sustainability awareness programs running, would have been very pleased and the late Arap Toroitich, seeing conservation acts, would shake his rungu in affirmation to bless the nation.

As a house-built needs maintenance, so do these nobles of sustainability. It is good if not wonderful to plant trees in recapturing bare land, better to cut and do away with the effluents of fossil fuels and best to plant knowledge into the minds of the people.

It would be a pity to promote all these acts today only for the future generations to come and immediately pull a post-Joseph Pharaoh move. Lands, oceans, seas and waterways would be back under the cover of plastics, fish, birds and mammals choking on these polycarbonates and once recovering earth would be dragged to the addictions of inorganic. Already, green spaces across the country are used as burial grounds for dead diapers, spaces for industrial waste and hideouts for plastic bag gangs that rob the country of its sustainability honorary.

To save the earth, to promote the culture of sustainability, cultivate deep into the minds of the people. Education is the key to change the world, a quote well proven, polished and established by the late Mandela who vividly put it across the minds of those who note these words. Let the clubs established on promoting pro-green acts be resourced, give measures to protect them and surely, they will attract a following, a following of believers who awoke with the urge to save the planet. Train the children to love and protect their environment as they would their favourite toys, and give the youth reasonable incentives, awards and acknowledgement of sustainable inventions. Let those under the ‘working-class’ umbrella come to terms that sustainability and acts focused on this cause are not scopes of the wealthy but a holistic encompassing idea that they, ‘hustlers’ can jump into, cost-free, as it needs group efforts to go further as means of motivating if the bridge of sustainability and development is to balance.

For the government, invest less in infrastructure that takes away the lush green, turning every area you touch into concrete jungles where only the fittest, if they do exist, survive. These concrete savannahs have become farms of trouble and stress from the noise, air, water, food, and even moral contamination that run in them. Sometimes we forget that we are also animals, and these concrete walls are cells, jails, and confinements that keep us captive and away from the freedom that nature brings just like a caged animal, we tend to be vicious, easily irritated, and restless. Look at the immoral that are rampant in towns.

The crimes that flourish and flower in them, and the evils that are harboured in them are all, majorly, indirectly linked to environmental degradation. A social, economic, and political difference with the much more peaceful ushagos is enough to speed up what I’m driving to. Look at the peace they, the rural enjoy, the lesser the crimes committed and the healthier their peoples are, just but enough to rest my case. Occasionally, we tend to forget we are what we surround ourselves with and the more the coats and layers of cold stone walls, the much colder, firm and rigid, all-in negative ways, we become. A note of green is known to be a cure for stress and no wonder, Wajackoyah, is heavily vying for its promotion. Note to the reader; do not to confuse, I’m vouching for environmental-green freedom but not Roots Party’s free-ndom.

Moving forward, I do not directly blame the government but surely, Mr. Administrator, review. For charcoal smugglers and unqualified fuel suppliers, do go the extra mile. For those who illegally log trees, number their days. Set out environmental detectives promptly as you would if you were tipped off that a young man had been caught irie on rolls of bhang. Protect and give assets of security and exemptions to whistle-blowers, make other options of fuel accessible and of economic sense and as for us the citizens, we can take measures to work with you to make and see this journey, these steps of sustainability hastened.

I am a Christian and I do believe that I will get to spiritual heaven, but before I get there, I do believe that heaven, physical heaven is down here on this planet as the Lord Himself set up Eden on the earth. We have one planet, despite scientists giving us hope of many more across the galaxies, but one earth is our physical home and the bare minimum we can do is to have it well-kept. If we were to transverse the myriad of galaxies, what would guarantee that we would not eventually destroy and loot that which can accommodate us and diffuse to the next like venomous parasites? Only if we start with what we have, practising and keeping charity at home.

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