Work With Mary:


Mazingira bora

Spiritually, it is our God-given responsibility to take care of the environment.  Morally, the degradation of the environment is not something that should sit comfortably in one’s mind. It is absurd to destroy the house you live in yet complain that it wreaks!

To solve issues that affect the environment, our sustainability team and I, decided to initiate a policy-practice transformative program that will see to it that environmental abuses are brought to a halt. Thus, the name: Mazingira Bora, a better environment.

Mazingira Bora’s focus is on creating sustainable, sufficient, and ecologically rich natural environments that are devoid of human health predisposing hazards. The goal of Mazingira Bora is to create an environment proper and sustainable through leveraging SDG goals 9,11, 13, and 17 into my business practices and personal lifestyle.

S.D.G.9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

S.D.G.11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

S.D.G.13: Climate Action

S.D.G.17: Partnerships for the Goals