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Importance of Supporting Employees During the Pandemic

Importance of Supporting Employees During the Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis is a world-changing event. Workplaces and businesses can contribute to the transmission of respiratory pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. It is important for these workplaces to implement appropriate public health measures to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 amongst employees. Cityscape trends have changed their operating procedure standards to limit the spread of the virus. We have also cushioned our employees during this crisis in the following ways:

Public awareness

Employers can support their employees during this pandemic by training them on the disease and how to protect themselves from it. Cityscape Trends has implemented this initiative by using signs in their offices e.g. wash hands here, sanitize always .etc. We have also trained every individual in our station.

The support enables the employees to be fit health-wise and protect themselves and their loved ones from the disease.

This increases productivity in their daily duties during this crisis.

Provision of Protective Equipment

High Standards of hygiene are highly encouraged during this pandemic. Our company has ensured we do hourly sanitation insensitive surfaces such as door handles, toilet flush handles, rails, lifts, tabletops, and computer accessories such as a mouse, keyboard e.t.c.

Our employees are also provided with PPEs for their own protection. We have also trained our employees on how to use to prevent contamination. This is to ensure their safety which makes happy and productive personnel at the workplace.

Healthy Friendly Cleaning Solutions

In line with UN SDGs, all our detergents are prepared from organic substances which are friendly to human health and the environment too. The detergents are eco-friendly and have a soft care effect on the hands of the cleaning operatives.  This reduces the rate of further allergies during this COVID-19 pandemic. We have also improved on housekeeping catbox for every person to ensure they can have all tools, detergents in one kit to sanitize all areas efficiently. We also got clothes for specific roles such as deep sanitation of premises.

Fair Pay

Employees are vital people in our business. They ensure the organization is running during this pandemic. As a pay-back, we have ensured our employees receive a reasonable wage according to UN goals to support their families and all those who depend on them. We have also supplied them with essential health products such as sanitizers and face masks which meet WHO standards to protect them from the disease. The fair wage cushions them during these hard times and the coming days after the pandemic.

Good wage improves staff retention rate which saves valuable time and money for the recruitment process. This is good for the business reputation and the industry as a whole.

If we follow the government directives we shall be able to overcome the disease and go back to normality. Stay Safe, Stay home. We shall overcome.

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